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Diesels From Schenectady
The Immortals

Alco diesels still with us!


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1. KBSR1 - A westbound turn returning to Iroquois Junction, IL with RS20 308 on the point is seen a mile from the junction on former Milwaukee Road trackage on July 17, 2000. (Collection of Jim Rowland)

KBSR w/b nearing Iroquois Jct. IL 07/17/00  (Photo by Amy L. Valentine)

2. KBSR2 - RS20 308 poses after a day's work at the engine house at Iroquois Junction, IL on July 17, 2000. This engine began its life as an RS3 on the Green Bay and Western. It was rebuilt by the GBW with a 251 prime mover and had its nose chopped. (Collection of Jim Rowland)

KBSR RS20 308

3. KBSR3 - RS20 308 poses with RS11s 324 (ex-SP) and 321 (ex-NW) at the enginehouse at Iroquois Junction, IL on July 17, 2000 as railfans document the scene for posterity. (Collection Of Jim Rowland)

KBSR 308  with 324 and 321

4. KBSR4 - On Tuesday morning, July 18, 2000, a local to Saint Anne is seen passing by the grain elevator in Donovan, IL. The crew paused to talk to some employees at the elevator about moving cars later on the day. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

A morning KBSR turn to Saint Anne, IL is seen passing through Donovan, IL on July 18, 2000.

5. KBSR5 - Westbound KBSR turn with an RS11 on the point rolls through Templeton, IN on 07-18-00. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

KBSR westbound at Templeton, IN 07-18-00 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

6. LAL1 - A westbound train is seen late in the afternoon of October 22, 1999 at South Avon, NY. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

LAL westbound at South Avon, NY.

7. LAL2 - Recently purchased Morristown and Erie C430 number 17 leads LA&L C420 420 north through Avon, NY on August 08, 2001. This engine is now WNYP 431. (Collection Of Jim Rowland)

M&E 17 on LAL, Avon, NY 08-08-01 (Photo by Amy L. Valentine)

8. MCRR1 - Monongahela Connecting Railroad C415 number 701 resides in the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg, PA. It is seen on October 24, 1992. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

MCRR  C415 701

9. BKRR1 - Battenkill RS3 605 (ex-LHR) is seen at Pooches Crossing, NY on a cold January morning in 1999. (Photo by Eric Augatis)

BKRR 605 at Pooches Crossing, NY January 1999.

10. BKRR2 - BKRR 605 is seen here on May 04, 2001 switching at the Agway in East Greenwich, NY. (Photo by Brian Plant)

BKRR 605 at East Greenwich, NY on May 04, 2001. (Photo by Brian Plant)

11. MMAX1 - Martin Marietta RS11 5011 sits at Junction City, GA in October, 2000. This unit is former D&H 5011. The photographer believes it is out of service and providing parts for other Alcos at the site. (Photo by Eric Augatis)

MMAX 5011 at Junction City, GA in October, 2000. (Photo by Eric Augatis)


12. GN1 - This postcard shows Great Northern RS3 229 on permanent display at the Schenectady Museum on Nott Terrace in Schenectady, NY. The unit, which is basically just a shell, has been cosmetically restored and on display since the early 1990s. The unit rests not too far from its birthplace at the Alco plant on nearby Erie Blvd. (Collection of Jim Rowland)

GN RS3 229 at the Schenectady Museum. (Collection of Amy Valentine)

13. TIOC1 - Tioga Central RS1 62 (ex-Washington Terminal) sits near the station in Wellsboro, PA on August 08, 2001. (Collection of Jim Rowland)

TIOC RS1 62 at Wellsboro, PA 08-08-01 (Photo by Amy L. Valentine)

14. TIOC2 - Tioga Central RS3m 506 (ex-D&H) sits at the boarding site in Wellsboro, PA on August 08, 2001. This unit was an Alco RS3 that was rebuilt with a 251 prime mover in the 1970s. (Collection of Jim Rowland)

TIOC RS3m 506 at Wellsboro, PA 08-08-01 (Photo by Amy L. Valentine)

15. MHWA1 - MHWA C425 806 (ex-EL 2456) switches at the now-closed Lyons Falls Pulp and Paper plant in Lyons Falls, NY on 01-23-01. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

MHWA C425 806 at Lyons Falls, NY 01-23-01. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

16. MHWA2 - MHWA C425 806 drills the yard in Utica, NY on 01-23-01. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

MHWA 806 at Utica, NY 01-23-01. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

17. MHWA3 - MHWA 806 leads a westbound local at Stittville, NY on 01-23-01. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

MHWA local at Stittville, NY 01-23-01. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

18. CP1 - CP M630 4563 poses at the Canadian Railway Museum in Delson, Quebec on 09-21-97 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

CP M630 4563 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

19. GMRC1 - GMRC RS1 rolls through Leicester Juntion, VT with a Rutland Railroad Historical Society excursion on 05-07-00. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

GMRC 405 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

20. GMRC2 - GMRC RS1 405 sits at Ludlow, VT on an excursion train on 10-12-97. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

GMRC 405 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

21. PL1 - Port of Longview HH660 770 rests between drills at Longview, WA on 08-22-98. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

PL 770 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

22. DL1 - Delaware Lackawanna M636 3643 sits beside Reading C630 5308 at Steamtown in Scranton, PA on 09-03-01. (Photo by Eric Augatis)

DL 3643 (Photo by Eric Augatis)

23. AM1 - A&M C420 50 (ex-LHR 22) sits at Springdale, AK on 07-17-94. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

AM 50 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

24. OMID1 - Ontario Midland S2 3 sits at the passenger boarding area in Sodus, NY on September 30, 2001. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

OMID S2 3 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

25. OMID2 - Ontario Midland RS36 408 (ex-NW 408) idles at Newark, NY on a sunny September 30, 2001. The unit was used on a Rochester Chapter, NRHS excursion. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

OMID RS36 408 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

26. OMID3 - Ontario Midland RS11 36 (ex-NW 361) suns itself near the enginehouse in Sodus, NY on September 30, 2001. (Photo by Jim Rowland)

OMID 36 (Photo by Jim Rowland)

27. WNYP1 - A Western New York & Pennsylvania train is seen here at Olean, NY on October 12, 2001 lead by C424m 424. This is the former Erie Lackawanna mainline and also former EL 2401, the first Alco C424 ever constructed. (Collection of Jim Rowland)

WNYP w/b with 424 (Photo by Amy L. Valentine)

28. LHR1 - L&HR C420 24 leads a former LV RS11 through JU Interlocking at Bethlehem, PA on December 05, 1976 with a train to the Bethlehem Steel plant in its namesake city. The LHR 24, by this time a Conrail unit, would serve CR as their 2074 before being sold to the Virginia & Maryland and then transferred to the Arkansas and Missouri, where the unit operates today as the A&M 54. (Photo by Charles W. Houser, Sr., Collection of Jim Rowland)

LHR C420 24 with train (Photo by Charles W. Houser, Sr)

29. CCRR1 - Claremont and Concord S4 105 suns itself at the Claremont, NH enginehouse on February 19, 2002. (Photo By Jim Rowland)

CCRR S4 105

30. DH1 - Fresh from rebuilding by G.E., D&H C424m units 451 and 452 pose for their first picture at the former Erie Lackawanna engine terminal at Hornell, NY on July 17, 1980. The 451 is a former EL unit, while the 452 is  former Reading. Both units are currently active on the Livonia, Avon, and Lakeville. (Photo by Kermit Geary, Jr.)

D&H C424m units 452 and 451 at Hornell, NY.